About Us

As the scaffold MASTA’s we pride ourselves on exceptional service, as well as sharing our knowledge and expertise. Bringing you even more value to increase your profits, improve your safety and see you, your team and your business succeed.

With over 35 years of industry experience, Masta Phil understands the needs of managing a safe and efficient project. Phil’s technical knowledge and mechanical mind allows him to conceptualise from plan to completion, with a critical eye and problem solving skills he has saved many headaches. Our customers “know there will be no problems” when Masta Scaffold Melbourne is working with them.

 Phil is taking Masta Scaffold Melbourne to an exciting new level expanding our offering with consulting and training programs that packages his knowledge into our signature program,’ Tender to Trade’.

 We will keep your needs front of mind, with custom designed scaffolds for your project. Let us take the time to talk with you, to understand the scope of your projects, the trades involved and your time frames. You are our priority. The scaffold hire solution we provide will be safe, functional and allow your various trades on site to work together seamlessly.

To top it off we also have products and templates to make your life easier.

You guys have been extremely easy and professional on all fronts.


I am happy every time Master wins a job because I know there will be no problems!!!


Phil did a great job with an innovative & competent scaffold design. Thanks to Phil and the team, you run a good service. Another able and friendly foreman did a great job of leading a damage free pull down. I also watched the transport guy, another wiz at his trade. Good company, good people, thanks again.

Paul Stark

Meet The Team

Phil - Director

Colleen - Office Manager

Alarna - Admin & Marketing

Alarna is often the one to greet you on the office line, ready to answer questions or direct you on to the expert (Masta Phil).

Paul - Forever a member of our team

His positive can-do attitude, calm presence, and sense of humor has left a lasting impact on Master Scaffold Melbourne. 

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