Birdcage Scaffold? For those not familiar with the scaffolding industry, hearing the word birdcage may seem rather strange in the context of renovations or building of a large new home, church, or commercial project.

So, what is a birdcage scaffold you ask? A birdcage scaffold is the construction of a large working platform where scaffold bays are joined together to give one large continuous platform. The scaffold structure below the platform creates the look of a cage.  You can see the similarity to a birdcage in the picture provided.

The birdcage scaffold design is an independent scaffold which means it can be freestanding and does not require the support of another structure. A scaffold birdcage uses more than two rows of scaffold standards in both directions, which are connected by ledgers and transoms at every lift (2.0m in height) and the top lift is then fully decked. Where the birdcage scaffold is not installed wall to wall and there is a gap of more than 225mm to a wall, handrails and toe boards are installed to the perimeter.

Birdcage scaffolds are most often used for accessing large void areas to install and paint ceilings, install lighting arrays, infill soffits, and for repairs, maintenance, and installation of sprinkler and ventilation systems. Specialist works like installing acoustic paneling and decorative ceiling finishes and even renovation works to statues are best done from a birdcage scaffold.

What is the purpose of a birdcage scaffold? The birdcage scaffold allows working at height over a large area with a continuous flat platform to work from. This eliminates the need to be up and down a mobile scaffold and repositioning every time you need to reach the next light fitting, or in the case of tiered seating, dismantle and re-erection on every move.

Birdcage scaffolds are also used as work platforms when working on upper levels over stairwells, over tiered seating in theatres and auditoriums, and even grandstands. The beauty of a birdcage design is the large flat platform it creates, so if you have a crowd and need to cover a pool, need a dance floor or the band needs a stage to play from, you need a birdcage scaffold.

But after saying all that about being flat, we can and have built tiered birdcage scaffolds to follow the pitch of the roof or structure above, so that trades can still reach the area that needs their attention. We can provide something for everyone.

Masta Scaffold Melbourne has installed many birdcages over the past 13 years, so our clients were able to complete their projects quickly and safely.

We have provided birdcage scaffolds on boutique and architectural homes, sporting venues, universities, churches, apartment and office buildings, aged care facilities, shopping centers, and schools.

If you have any questions regarding birdcage scaffolding, give us a call we would love to hear from you.


birdcage for birds
birdcage scaffold around an external staircase