The Problem

Is your team costing you thousands of $$ before the project has even begun?

Are the hours spent on RFI costing you money?

Losing time and money before the project even starts?

Too much time spent going back and forth. Supplier quotes acquired during the tender stage needing to be requoted sometimes multiple times once the project is won.



“I met the estimator on-site and quoted the project for tender. The company then won the project. Once the project was handed from the estimating team to the construction team, the construction team then had to decipher the tender. The construction team contacted me to run through the quote finding there was a misunderstanding on what scaffold was quoted and where it was required. I meet the team on-site to remap the site, walking through the proposed layout, re-draw the plan, and re-email an updated quotation, so they had a clear idea of what was discussed on site and what has been allowed for in the quote.” Phil

The construction team lost time having to reach out to suppliers and compile new quotations, as the estimation team and construction teams’ expectations for quotes were not aligned. Causing time to be wasted for all parties involved.


Our Solution

Tender to Trade.



Tender to trade will solve the problem by providing a standardised process, enabling all departments to be on the same page. Improving communication, minimising wasted time, improving your win to loss ratio. Communicating in a common theme across all departments, so that when the first estimation is done all that information is done in a standard way to ensure all bases are covered and the expectations were the same in the beginning. Allowing construction teams to receive a tender and be able to run with it.


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