A stair access tower is a great option to gain access to work at heights. They are contained within 1 standard 2.4m scaffold bay. Each stair tread/section has an incline of 1.5m, the number of stair treads required for your access tower will be determined by how many increments of 1.5m it takes to reach your required height.

The 2 main reasons a stair access is used on a worksite is for safety and ease. If your project will be completed mostly on ground level, with only a small section requiring a safe and reliable scaffold work platform, a ladder access could be the only access point you require. If you are only performing a small amount of work at heights but you require a lot of equipment and/or material to get the job done, it may be important to provide stair access for your trades.

Stair access will allow yourself and your trades to walk up to the required height with material and/or equipment safely. Getting materials and equipment up a ladder access can be extremely unsafe. Climbing up a ladder requires your attention as well as the coordination of your hands and feet. Expecting trades to climb a ladder while also concentrate on carrying materials and/or equipment, puts them in unnecessary danger of losing their footing or dropping items at height. Ladders are also at a steep incline which poses the risk of falling from a larger height than a stair.

So, how does one know if they do or don’t need stair access? Well, it all depends on your worksite, project requirements and the safety of your trades.

You need a stair access if you are working at height and;

  1. You want to provide safe access for your trades
  2. Yourself and trades need to lug tools, material or equipment up to a work platform
  3. Your trades need to regularly go up and down the access point
  4. You need a safe and sturdy access point
  5. You need more space than what a ladder access point can offer

Utilising a stair access on your building/construction site will allow your trades, materials, and equipment to make it safely to the top of your work platform.

Want to learn more about stair access and how you can provide a safe access point for yourself and trades on your site?

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