Productivity is a major concern for any business. If your team or an individual is not productive, or maybe you’re not super productive yourself… work isn’t getting done at the pace it should.

Our top tips on how to keep yourself and your team productive are…

1# Clear Communication

Communication is key when it comes to doing a job and doing it right. Make sure you and your team understand the task that is assigned. Give detailed instructions, helpful resources, and clear objectives. An open-door policy is a great way to promote your team to communicate and ask questions.

2# Team Building

Promote a sense of community. Your team is more likely to have open communication with yourself and other team members if they are comfortable to do so. Building trust and support within a team is imperative for success. Have regular team meetings addressing any issues and celebrating any wins the team or an individual has had, integrate compulsory and/or non-compulsory social activities.

3# Reward Systems

Everyone loves a reward. Your team should have clear targets to achieve and rewards for reaching them. Fun social events like team dinners and tickets to sports matches give them something to strive for and work towards.

4# Know Your Teams Skills

Tasks should be given to employees that have the appropriate skills to be able to achieve that task. Giving a marketing task to your site supervisor that has no marketing knowledge is more likely to fail than succeed. If you give a task to someone that has no experience or knowledge of the task, there will be time wasted in them understanding and then learning how to achieve the desired results.

5# Promote Healthy Living

It’s no secret that you feel better when you look after yourself. The better you feel the happier and more positive you will be. With a good headspace, your team is not only going to be productive throughout the day, but the work environment will also improve. Consider creating initiatives such as group fitness classes at lunchtime, having healthy snacks available in the office, anything that will get your team moving and eating the right things.

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