Scaffold Access Towers & Ladders

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Stair access towers

Temporary stair access for construction is a must that will allow trades to safely carry tools, equipment and materials onto your scaffold work platform.

Stair access scaffold towers are contained in 1 standard 2.4m scaffold bay. Each stair has an incline of 1.5m. 

Avaliable hights; 

4m – 4.5m High

5m – 6m High

6.5m – 8m High

8.5m – 10m High

10.5m – 13.5m High

Stretcher stair access

On sites with limited access to the structure, you have to be prepared for the worst. If an accident happens and the scaffold is the only way in or out, you need to provide a stretcher stair, a scaffold stair with wide stairs and landings designed specifically to allow a stretcher and patient to be carried out.

Stretcher stair access scaffold towers can be designed with a 1.2m, 1.8m or 2.4m landing between stairs. Stretcher stair towers are contained within 6 standard scaffold bays, with stairs inclining in 2m increments.

Available heights; 

4m High

6m High

8m High

10m High

12m High


Aluminium ladders. 

Available heights