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Whether you’re working on a new or existing project, there are a range of local and state regulations that need to be adhered to, as well as various safety guidelines.

With 35 years of experience in the building industry and exposure to a range of local councils, we have constant access to resources and want to make it easy for you to safely manage your building project.

Training Workshops

We provide a safe and reliable work platform for your trades… Do your trades know how to be safe on scaffold?

Our trainings are focused on teaching your trades what they need to look for to keep themselves safe when using scaffold. 

If you would like to book or you are interested in further information, please email us at [email protected]

Power Safety


The most essential process in safe work practices is assessing your environment for hazards. These are a few questions to ask your self as you complete your SWMS (safe work method statement) when it comes to NO GO ZONES.

– Are there overhead power?

– Are there low voltage power lines within 4.6m of the scaffold being built?

– Are there high voltage power lines within 6.0m of the scaffold being built?

If you answered yes to any of the above you will need to arrange an inspection with the local power authority. We have included some useful links below to help with the process.

 We are happy to arrange Permits for you on request.

Local Councils

When preparing for project works remember to consider if you will be impacting footpaths, carparks or any other public land.

  • Is there space to deliver scaffold and other building materials on to the site or will you need to utilise the nature strip, carpark or road to store material temporarily?
  • Is scaffold required to be built on footpath, in lane way, carpark or public land?
  • What are the local councils’ requirements for delivery, storage, building and working hours?

To retain a permit for: Use of public land (Footpath, Car Parks, Park Lands etc.) – Find the local council 



Building Connections

Building Connections offer small business support services. Bringing the small business community together to connect, support & celebrate with monthly events & valuable resources

Visit for resources and upcoming events.


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