What is a scaffold gantry? A gantry is a bridge-like structure used when pedestrian access or vehicle access needs to be maintained whilst a construction project is undertaken. If you have ever wandered the city streets you would have seen a gantry scaffold and possibly even walked under a scaffold gantry.

Scaffold gantries on residential and commercial sites are used to allow construction access for workers over the top of a public area, like a footpath or alleyway, where it would otherwise not be possible. Scaffold is often then installed above the gantry to allow the construction project to be completed.

Scaffold Gantries require the use of special components like:

  • Heavy-duty transom trusses for span, providing strength along with catering for the impact and loading requirements of the deck above.
  • Reinforced or double standards are used along with plan and longitudinal bracing to aid in stability and for special loading requirements whilst maintaining walk-through access underneath.
  • The deck or top of the gantry has steel planks but also has timber ply or LVL boards fixed over the top to achieve a load rating of 5KPA or greater. This is to provide impact protection for any people below in the case of an accident.
  • Timber hoarding is fixed to the inside face of the gantry to maintain separation between the building site and public space adjacent.
  • Protective covering around the standards protect pedestrians from bumps or bruises whilst walking through the gantry.

Masta Scaffold Melbourne have built gantries in many locations around Melbourne, all designed to meet the individual projects special needs including;

  • On footpaths to enable repairs to heritage-listed buildings where the facades need repairing.
  • Over University Laneways to maintain vehicle access whilst new equipment is loaded above.
  • On footpaths and over driveways for building, painting, and refurbishment of apartments and office buildings.

Scaffold Gantry designs must take into consideration many issues, from footpath furniture and services, access through and around, demands from building or demolition works above, and even consider potential impacts by a vehicle. When allowing for a gantry scaffold on a project you will need to consider what permits will be required.  Usually, a permit to occupy the footpath will be required but you may also need permits for road occupancy for the installation, dismantle, and build process, overhead powerlines, and even tramway power.

You will also need an Engineering Certification for the gantry prior to applying for permits. Masta Scaffold Melbourne has an engineer who will be able to ensure your project is designed to suit your requirements and is structurally sound for the purpose. Refer to the Victorian code-practice-building-construction.

Planning is key especially when you have the additional element of occupancy permits and engineering certifications.

When you need a gantry be sure to give us a call, we’re here to help.

scaffold gantry protecting public from adjacent site activities








Busy worksite with scaffold gantry


Scaffold gantry inner city