Most builders and homeowners will use scaffold hire services when they are working at heights over 2m. The logistics of maintaining scaffold hire stock make it difficult for individual builders and trades to manage.

Scaffold hire is in most instances part of the full-service offering which includes scaffold installation, dismantle, delivery, removal, and the hire of the scaffolding components. The average scaffold hire period that is included in most quotations you will find is approximately 4 weeks with a daily or weekly hire rate should you need to extend your scaffold hire.

When you have specific scaffold hire requirements it is important to address these prior to quotation being prepared to enable comparing quotation apple for apples. Whether it is the location of the scaffold required or the duration of the scaffold hire period. Ensuring these are discussed at the outset of the project will save you a whole lot of time and energy.

The length of time the scaffold is on hire for will depend on many aspects from scheduling of trades, delivery of materials to of course the scope of the project.

To maintain a safe working platform, it is a Worksafe requirement that the scaffolding on site is inspected by a qualified scaffolder every 30 days. All scaffolds require a scaffold tag at each access point, and this is where the scaffold hire inspection will be recorded.

Keep in mind during the scaffold hire period that unauthorised alterations are known to happen and put lives at risk. We recommend all workers do a visual inspection daily prior to accessing the scaffold. Being fully aware of what to look for before accessing a scaffold is essential to keep you and your trades safe. Follow the link to access a copy of our visual inspection report.

If you need to have your scaffolding modified during the scaffold hire period, make sure you are enlisting the service of a qualified and licensed scaffolder. Most Scaffold Providers will require that you contact them direct prior to making any alterations and many insist that only their employees complete the modifications.

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