Traditionally ladder access towers have been used on both residential and semi-commercial projects but, with increased safety awareness, improvements in OH&S standards, and the move to construction industry best practice, scaffold stair access points are now becoming the preferred access option on all building sites.

Scaffold stair access points allow trades to move up and down the scaffold safely and with ease. Have you ever tried carrying tools, materials, and equipment up a ladder? Awkward, time-consuming, and definitely not the safest method.

Standard stairs are contained in a 2.44m x 1.27m wide bay with each stair incorporating stairs and landing in one piece, allowing for a 1.5m rise between landings.  These are suited to both residential and commercial projects, taking up no more roof than a ladder bay, and are easily incorporated into a perimeter scaffold. Some projects will only require a standalone stair access tower to provide roof access for a factory or egress during a basement build.

On larger construction projects stretcher stairs are the preferred option. The double-width stairs allow for emergency evacuation if an injury were to occur. As the name suggests a stretcher can be safely carried down the stairs due to the extra width stair treads and large landings.

A stretcher stair can be designed with a 1.2m, 1.8m, or 2.4m landing between stairs with stretcher stair towers being configured within 6 standard scaffold bays with landings every 2 meters.

As with a standard stair access a stretcher stair tower can also be used as a standalone structure providing access to the likes of roofs and bridges and other large format construction projects.

Scaffold stairs themselves are made from aluminum and housed in aluminum or steel scaffold bays and as with all scaffold, anything 4m or over is required to be installed by a licensed scaffolder.

Masta Scaffold Melbourne provide scaffold stair accesses for sale or hire. Purchase or hire and our team can install and dismantle the scaffold access tower on your project.

Next time you need a scaffold stair access on your project be sure to give us a call,  we would love to help.