What are they? No Go Zones describe the minimum safety requirements that are dependent on the distance between overhead powerlines and the work being performed. To make your life easier we have compiled all the information & relevant links regarding No Go Zones here in one post.

No Go Zones are actually an initiative created by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) responding to worksite & farm electricity-related accidents and deaths. ESV has taken the lead in implementing best practices for working near overhead powerlines, ⁠including the development, introduction, and communication of standardised set of rules to adhere to when working in the vicinity of powerlines.

ESV have created the following pages where they go into details regarding No Go Zones and specific actions/industries;

Overhead powerlines vs Service lines

Overhead powerlines are the powerlines that go poll to poll parallel to the street.

Service lines are the powerlines that are connected to the property

ESV has created the below guidelines going into further detail on a scaffold near powerlines;


No Go Zones and Scaffold

When it comes to scaffold, if scaffold components may at any stage come anywhere above or within 5 meters below and 4.6 meters horizontally to the side overhead electrical powerline, you will require a Permit to Work from the power distribution company. ⁠

If scaffold components come

If you require to go over a service line you will require a power shutdown




Permits to Work (PTW)

To gain a PTW you need to contact the power distributor for your worksite. To find out which power company you need to speak with you can visit DELWP and enter your address to view maps of the distributor areas.

There are only 5 power distributors in Victoria, we have each of your contact details and links to the direct page you need to apply for a PTW; Below are the contact details for each of the five Victorian power companies and web pages with their Working Near Powerlines information.

AusNet Services

Phone: 1300 360 795


Phone: 131 626

Powercor / CitiPower

Powercor: 132 206
CitiPower: 1300 301 101

United Energy

Phone: 1300 131 689

Plan ahead

Always look up! Powerlines can have a massive effect on your building process. ⁠Before you begin a project, make a point of checking the location/proximity of powerlines.

If you are working close to powerlines and require a Permit to Work, you will need to allow approx 2-week for an Inspector from the power authority to attend your site and determine requirements to move forward. ⁠

Depending on the circumstances of your site and you require a power shutdown, for example, you can be waiting approx. 4 week before you can have your scaffold installed and move forward with the project.


Majority of the above information has been created by Energy Safe Victoria, only compiled and relayed by Masta Scaffold Melbourne. If you have any questions regarding working with scaffold near powerlines feel free to give us a call on 03 9761 7769, and if your question is specific to No Go Zones contact Energy Safe Victoria on 03 9203 9700.