What is a BMU you ask? You’re not alone, I had no idea the first time we were asked to provide scaffolding for BMU maintenance.

Our social media posts with photos of amazing views have more of you asking, “What is a BMU?” and “Why do they need scaffold?” so here is the answer!

A BMU is an acronym for a Building Maintenance Unit.

A building maintenance unit is a system specially designed to allow safe access when performing building maintenance. The maintenance systems can be used to scale high-rise buildings or allow access to a façade of multi-story residential buildings to carry out maintenance – painting, window replacement, façade works, and cleaning.

How does a BMU work?

The building maintenance unit is located on train-like tracks on the top of the building which allows the BMU to move around the perimeter of the rooftop to access all facades of a building. It is a mechanical arm with a platform that moves down the face of a building allowing the occupants to control vertical and horizontal movement around the building façade so they can carry out their work safely.

Why would you need a scaffold on a BMU?

Like everything even BMU’s need to be maintained to a high standard to ensure the safety of their users. Our customers are the companies who provide BMU maintenance services. When the maintenance work is to be carried out over 2m, the scaffold is required to provide a safe working platform.

BMU maintenance is one of our teams’ favourite services with the change of environment from the usual building site. The process has the team doing a lot more manual handling with the need to move the scaffold components from loading bays, up goods lifts (sometimes multiple lifts) and onto the roof… probably not their favourite part of the project! Once on the roof, the views are amazing and the builds interesting.